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Under its own brand the OPICO product range includes Grass Harrows, Seeders, Grassland Subsoilers, Grassland Slitters, Comb Harrows, Fertiliser Applicators, Post Hole Diggers, and Grain Dryers.

OPICO Limited is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. The range of machinery included under the OPICO brand features gas and diesel batch grain dryers, mechanical weeding solutions, grassland management equipment, applicators, seeders, and much more. 

Grain Dryers

Easy to install and relocate when necessary, OPICO Grain Dryers do not require vast expenditure on handling equipment and can easily dry up to 480 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision. Fuelled using diesel or gas, and with 3 phase or PTO drive, OPICO dryers recirculate the grain constantly to dry thoroughly and consistently whilst improving hectolitre weights and augmenting quality.
Seeders & Applicators

OPICO offer a range of seeders and applicators which consist of the Micro-Pro, Variocast Seeder, Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator and seeder range of Air Seeders. 

The Micro-Pro has been developed to enable the accurate application of micro-granules such as Avadex, the Variocast Seeder is perfect for sowing small seeds such as OSR, stubble turnips, kale as well as distributing slug pellets, the Nitro-Jet liquid fertiliser applicator's precision application enables the drilled seed to get off to the quickest start (e.g. OSR battle against CSFB), and OPICO's range of pneumatic Air Seeders have been developed to broadcast seed such as grass and clover when mounted to either OPICO Grass Harrows, or any other implement. 
Mechanical Weeding

Offering a range of mechanical weed control to suit any farm size, OPICO offer a selection of Comb Harrows and Inter-row cultivators, intra-row hoes and seeders from well established brands such as Hatzenbichler and Kult. The range enables OPICO to provide mechanical weeding solutions for even the most specialist farmers and growers with bespoke machines designed for high-valued crops.
Grassland Machinery

For leys to reach their full potential for yield and quality, an integrated approach to grassland management is essential. As well as harrowing, this includes: maintaining good drainage, avoiding soil compaction, reseeding with grass and clover mixtures appropriate to livestock and purpose, timely weed and pest control and tailoring fertiliser applications to compensate for soil nutrient shortfalls.

Grass is a very valuable crop and treating it as such can dramatically reduce seed costs. OPICO's grassland machinery range offers a variety of products to help farmers get more from their grass and unlock hidden profit. 
Knowledge of Grassland and Arable Farming agronomy has also been a focus for OPICO over recent years in order to improve how the machines work and give more benefits to customers. Work with Masstock and Openfield on Oilseed Rape, and Limagrain, Growhow, UPL and ACT on the grassland side has allowed OPICO to learn from the collective sharing of knowledge. Over the years OPICO has become known as a company for innovation and this is very evident in the range today with many of the products being the first of their type in the UK. The company philosophy has always been to find something clever, different and beneficial to the farmer in the products that they sell.

Today, OPICO Ltd is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery in the UK with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. The company is the sole UK importer for HE-VA, Sky Agriculture, Strautmann and Maschio Gaspardo.
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