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e-WORKER 25.5

Innovators by tradition


An unprecedented design guarantees maximum functionality and comfort; grouping the information provided to the driver and the controls of the various systems and devices for optimal ergonomics. The reverse shuttle on the steering wheel is also present on the joystick.
The standard configuration of e-WORKER range features 4 LED lights fitted on the cab overhead guard, which allow adequately illuminating the work area for safe and easy operation even in poorly lit environments and outdoor at night.
The high ergonomics of controls, the tilting steering wheel, the armrest and a simplified user interface reduce operator fatigue and facilitate his/her work. The capacitive electronic joystick control is able to detect the presence of the operator by means of a sensor without pressing the “dead man” button”.


A solution that uses the weight of boom and load for the lowering movement, significantly limiting the demand for hydraulic power as well as the consumption and noise, without impacting on safety.
The battery pack is sized to offer high autonomy, allowing continuous use throughout the work cycle. This allows the e-WORKER to work without interruption, ensuring significant performance and efficiency.
Merlo's improved visibility increases range of movement and safety for operators.


The e-WORKER only steers on the rear wheels, like forklifts. Making the most of the high steering angle of the wheels, that reaches 85°, the maximum encumbrance while steering is reduced to a minimum. Record-breaking performance and agility.
The power transmission is precise, constant, instantaneous and silent. Using a selector switch in the cab, it is possible to choose between three settings to adjust the machine's maximum speed, in order to reduce consumption or maximise performance as required.
The machine is configured with a pump with helical gears, powered by an electric motor and controlled by a capacitive electronic joystick control able to ensure up to three simultaneous movements without any problems for the operator, while keeping the machine's noise emissions very low.


The power transmission allows to completely reduce pollutant levels, for greater safety of the operator and those who work around the vehicle. For safe and unrestricted work, even in enclosed spaces.
The braking system consists of two wet disc brakes and an electric-hydraulic negative parking brake, that can be manually and automatically operated, the e-holder, which assists the operator in uphill starts and prevents the machine from moving on any slope.
The cab is ROPS and FOPS Level I certified. The FOPS protection, achieved through a moulded metal structure inside the glass roof, ensures maximum visibility of the load during operation.