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Verti-Mix Self Propelled

Verti-Mix SF / Sherpa Self Propelled

Verti-Mix - The self-propelled model: Powerful, robust, comfortable

The Verti-Mix SF and Sherpa are the result of Strautmann's experience in fodder mixing technology for over the last 20 years. The Strautmann Vario2 mixing auger technology substantially contributes to increasing the productivity of modern dairy farms.

Self-propelled fodder mixing wagons make the labour-intensive dairy cattle feeding procedure much easier thus saving time and labour. Homogeneously mixed ingredients prevent the cows from selecting the fodder. Higher milk yields are achieved with improved ingredients distributed evenly. All animals are optimally fed from the physiological point of view and less prone to diseases which leads to healthy, long-living cows and a high degree of effectiveness.

p2 photos of the Sherpa self propelled mixer wagon. Left photo is a view from the side, right photo is a view from the back

● Usable mixing capacity of 11 - 20 m³. ● Picking-up and feeding with one machine. ● Optimum protection of fodder and ideal cut surfaces. ● Accurate preparation of feed ration. ● Smooth cut surface shape. ● Maximum efficiency. ● 6-cylinder engine for maximum power and low consumption, 4-cylinder engine for the Verti-Mix Sherpa.

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Why mix feed?

International scientific studies have revealed that the efficiency in milk production can be increased many times over by the use of feed mixing wagons. Due to the mixing of individual components to a TMR (partial or total mixed ration), the animals can no longer be selective and thus take up the same feed make-up with every bite, which ensures optimum physiological care of the entire herd, regardless of the position of the individual animal in ranking.

photo of cows being fed by a feed mixer wagon


Verti-Mix Sherpa 120 / 140


photo of the Verti-Mix Sherpa 1201 / 1401

Verti-Mix SF Single 1102 / 1302 / 1502 - Double 1402 / 1702 / 2002

The Strautmann self-propelled one auger mixer has a capacity between 11 and 15 m³, depending on the machine. Easy handling combined with interesting technical equipment make the Verti-Mix SF the ideal entry-level model and the reliable partner for future-oriented enterprises.

Two augers for favorable dimensions and efficient working – that is what the Strautmann Verti-Mix Double SF offers. With its capacity of 14 - 20 m³ and sophisticated technology, this fodder mixing wagon is suitable for larger enterprises with demanding requirements in terms of handling and comfort.

photo of the verti mix double auger self propelled diet feeder

Download the brochures now: sherpa_0922_en_low.pdf (