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Forage wagons

The Strautmann range of forage wagons are available in 24m to 52m cubic metres capacities with 37 - 48 knives.

There are models in the range suitable for both farmers, who want to take control of the silaging process themselves, as well as large scale contractors. The smaller Zelon and Super-Vitesse models are also suitable for zero grazing. Contractor models tend to be the larger Giga 01, Giga 02 and Magnon wagons. The full range of forage wagons are fitted with Exact-Cut, a re-designed double sided knife system which reliably cuts 35mm chop length on the Giga 01, Magnon 8 and Magnon 10 (39mm on Zelon and Super-Vitesse).The Giga-Vitesse 02, Magnon 8 and Magnon 10 benefit from an extra wide 2.25m pick-up and ISOBUS controls (ISOBUS 5" terminal an option).

All Strautmann forage wagons are equipped with the unique Continuous Flow System, which ensures excellent loading performance and a low power requirement.  The pick-up, Continuous Flow System roller, rotor and double-cut cutting unit are optimally matched to each other and results in an excellent cutting quality and power efficient drive - thus saving diesel, time and money.