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Flail Mowers

The build quality, durability and environmental credentials of Alpego machinery is second to none.

The Aplego inside label on every machine is a mark of quality, representing attention to detail at every stage of manufacturing. To produce each machine the highest quality materials are combined with certified welding and production processes.

The factory utilises modern, state of the art machinery and a sustainable painting process to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing. Alpego inside, ensures exceptional performance and durability. 

Highest quality steel

All Alpego machines are built with the highest quality steel to provide strength and reduce weight whilst maintaining the required operational performance. this reduces running costs, ensures longevity and ultimately improves environmental sustainability of all Alpego products.

Eco Painting

The only system of its kind throughout Europe, the Alpego paint system allows components to be painted with either a powder or water based process, depending on which best suits its application. 

Both processes use the most up-to date technology and zero emissions materials.

Certified Welding

Both manual and robotic welding at Alpego are certified by the Italian National Welding Institute, combined with consistent quality control processes this ensures exceptional durability of components and the finished machines.

A complete range of models to suit most applications 

Alpego flail mowers are avliable in working widths from 1.6m to 3.1m and to suit tractors from 45hp to 220hp. With rear, front/rear and offset models avaliable there is a model to suit most applications. 

The range includes:

Rear and front/rear mounted TRISAR multi-purpose flail mowers and TRILAT fully offset flail mowers. 


Front/rear mounted flail mowers 55-150hp


Rear mounted flail mower 45-120hp


front/rear mounted flail mower HP 75-200hp


Rear mounted flail mower 70-150hp


Lateral flail mower 55-130hp


Lateral flail mower 55-130hp


Heavy-duty lateral flail mower 100-220hp