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Comb Harrow

 A multi-purpose tool, the Comb Harrow consists of fine spring tines, mounted on a contour-flexing frame, with working widths of 1.5m to 27m.

Download the brochure here: OPICO Comb Harrow brochure 2021 (

Its main use is for weeding crops and reducing chemical costs, and may also be used to break up capped soil or as a conventional harrow for seedbed preparation / harrowing. 


Ultimate contour following ability for uneven ground

OPICO Comb Harrow in field

  • Even pressure is applied across every inch of the working width.
  • The frame adapts to the ground contours with additional pressure being supplied from the accumulator to even the harrowing pressure across the working width.
  • Active harrow bed suspension on the implement frame.
  • A flexible harrow bed adapts to ground undulations.

Flexible bed

Flexible-bed design of OPICO Comb Harrow

The flexible design of the tine beds allow them to follow the contours of the land ensuring effective coverage and even tine pressure. Each 1.5m bed has 48 tines spaced at 30mm centres apart and as well as ensuring good tine pressure onto the ground, this design allows it to self-clean as it moves through the sward. 

Spring tines

OPICO Comb Harrow Spring Tines

The oil hardened spring wire has three times the service life of a normal sprung steel wire. 

Adjustable tine angle

Adjustable tine angle of OPICO Comb Harrow

Quick and simple tine angle and pressure adjustment, ground conditions will determine how aggressive tine pressure needs to be for effective harrowing. On the OPICO Comb Harrow there are 10 tine angle settings so pressure can be altered, ensuring the vibrating action of the triple coil spring tine can be maximised. 


OPICO Comb Harrow Construction

The construction of the headstock consists of interlocking pieces of steel so the Comb Harrow doesn't just rely on the welding for strength. The frames and beds are powder-coated and most of the other steel parts are anodised so your harrow will stay in good working order and looking newer for longer.

Hydraulic cylinder with accumulator and hydraulic shut-off valve can be locked for safe road transport.

Folding system

Folding System of OPICO Comb Harrow

When in transport position, the hydraulic folding models fold up to between 2.5m and 3m depending on the specific Comb Harrow model. This allows easy transportation on the road and through narrow gateways. 


1.5m - 3.0m Non-Folding Comb Harrows

OPICO Comb Harrow

The rigid, non-folding Comb Harrows consist of 3 models, 1.5m, 2m and the larger model at 3m wide.

NOTE: 1.5m, 2.0m and 3m units supplied with Cat I Pins unless specified with order

Model No. Working Width  Weight Transport Height  Transport Width    HP
1731010 1.5m 145kg 1.45m 2.0m 10
1731011 2.0m 165kg 1.45m 2.0m 13
1731012 3.0m 260kg 1.45m 3.0m 15


4.5m - 8.0m Hydraulic-Folding Comb Harrows

OPICO Comb Harrow in Maize

The hydraulic folding models consist of 7 widths, 4.5m, 5m, two 6m versions, 6.4m, 7.5m and 8m.

The 6m comes in two different formats, one unit has 3x2m sections the other has 4x1.5m sections. The 3 section unit is able to fold down to 2.5m for transport which enables easier movement through narrow gateways and down the road. On the other hand the 4 section unit folds to 3m for transport but has improved contour following ability in the field.

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1732022 4.5m 390kg 1.45m 2.5m 20
1732032 5.0m 440kg 1.70m 2.5m 25
1732042 6.0m 530kg 2.20m 3.0m 40
1738046 6.0m 520kg 2.20m 2.5m 40
1732043 6.4m 550kg 2.60m 3.0m 40


710kg 3.15m 2.8m 50
1732062 8.0m 740kg 3.25m 2.8m 55

9.0m - 15m Scissor-Folding Comb Harrows

Scissor-folding OPICO Comb Harrow

The 9m, 10.5m, 12m, 12.4m and 15m uses a hydraulic scissor folding system to keep this wider range of machines to a transport width of or under 3m.

The 15m machine is also available in a semi-mounted model that has a smaller transport height and width but needs more HP as its weight is more.

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1732073 9.0m 1010kg 2.75m 2.8m 60
1732082 10.5m 1050kg 3.50m 2.8m 65
1732092 12.0m 1170kg 3.40m 3.0m 70
1732093 12.4m 1220kg 3.50m 3.0m 75
1732093 15m 1800kg 4m 3m 80

 15m - 27m Semi-Mounted Comb Harrow

24m Semi-mounted OPICO Comb Harrow in field of combineable crops

The 15m, 18m, 21m, 24m and the widest 27m uses a semi-mounted hydraulic scissor folding system to keep the wider range of the machines to a transport width of or under 3m. 

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1735622 15.0m 2800kg 2.40m 2.8m 130
1735032 18.0m 2990kg 2.40m 2.8m 150
1735035 21.0m TBC 2.40m 2.8m 170


24.0m 3950kg 2.40m 2.8m 180


27.0m 4650kg 2.40m 2.8m 200


Download the brochure here: OPICO Comb Harrow brochure 2021 (