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Grass Harrow

 The OPICO grass harrowing concept simply transforms the way you work your grass. The angle of the tine combined with the overall design of the harrow makes it ideal for stimulating new grass or renovating old pastures.

Download the brochure here: OPICO Grass Harrow and Air Seeders (

With an OPICO Grass Harrow, leys can be re-vitalised and dry matter yields boosted. You can attach an OPICO Air Seeder, and oversow old worn leys to boost grass and clover content, or start afresh and put down a brand new ley with the harrow and seeder combination.

The OPICO Grass Harrow covers every inch of the ground, thanks to its unique contour flexing tine bed. It clears moss, opens the surface, improves aeration and encourages growth. Like all good ideas it is very simple and is now recommended by thousands of farmers who have switched to this common-sense approach to what used to be a ‘harrowing’ job.

The net effect is a more vigorous and re-vitalised ley, often appearing darker green thanks to the breakdown of the nitrogen cap on the soil surface which is made available to the grass.

Revitalise Leys

  • Clear out moss and trash clogging the base of the sward.
  • Drag out shallow-rooted weeds like chickweed and annual meadow grass. 
  • Open up the soil surface and let oxygen get to the roots.
  • Release locked-up surface nitrogen to the growing ley.
  • Break up and disperse clumps of slurry and muck.
  • Iron out molehills to prevent silage making problems. 

The most important angle on the OPICO Grass Harrow is built into every tine. Firstly, its oil hardened spring wire has three times the service life of a normal sprung steel wire.

The tine itself has an effective angle, but the tines within the bed can be adjusted allowing for ten different tine settings depending on the work to be done.

48 tines per 1.5m bed with 30mm spacing creates more pressure per tine point and good self cleaning action. The tine uses a triple coil spring which increases vibration and improves the harrowing effect.


The OPICO Grass Harrow has revolutionised grass harrowing in recent years, with larger working widths, more adjustment and aggressive spring tines mean that a better job can be achieved faster and at a lower cost.

With typical working speeds of 4.5mph to 7mph the Grass Harrow is a high capacity machine, a 6m for example, is more than capable of covering over 100 acres in a normal working day. The working widths range from a very handy 1.5m up to the very wide 27m. There are rigid, mechanical and hydraulic folding units with a choice of 7mm or 8mm tines.

The machines are designed for strength without the need for high horsepower and are equipped with a fully adjustable depth wheel, which works alongside the tine angle settings for maximum effectiveness. The hydraulic folding models have a single acting ram with an accumulator that applies 8-10 bar pressure over the full width of the harrow to give true contour following across the field.

7mm or 8mm Tines, that is the question?

Many farmers automatically believe that the 8mm tine will do a better job because it is stronger. That's not necessarily the case! The key to making the best job with your harrow is getting the tines to do the work.

A spring tine is designed to "spring" causing the point to oscillate from side to side. On a Grass Harrow this makes sure all the ground is covered by the tines and achieves the maximum effect from one pass.

In many cases the 8mm tine can be too rigid and simply drag through the sward in a straight line with no "spring" effect. As a general rule of thumb choose the 7mm tine when you are predominantly working on temporary grassland (leys under 5 years) which is being regularly cut for silage, grazed and managed.

Choose an 8mm tine when you are using the harrow on old permanent pastures and rough grazing in the main.




1.5m - 3.0m Non-Folding Grass Harrows

1.5m - 3.0m Non-Folding Grass Harrows

The rigid, non-folding Grass Harrows consist of 3 models, 1.5m, 2m and the larger model at 3m wide.

NOTE: 1.5m, 2.0m and 3m units supplied with Cat I Pins unless specified with order

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1737010 1.5m 145kg 1.45m 2.0m 10
1737011 2.0m 165kg 1.45m 2.0m 13
1737012 3.0m 260kg 1.45m 3.0m 15


4.5m - 8.0m Hydraulic-Folding Grass Harrows

4.5m - 8.0m Hydraulic-Folding Grass Harrows

The hydraulic-folding models consist of 7 widths, 4.5m, 5m, two 6m versions, 6.4m, 7.5m and 8m.

The 6m comes in two different formats, one unit has 3x2m sections the other has 4x1.5m sections. The 3 section unit is able to fold down to 2.5m for transport which enables easier movement through narrow gateways and down the road. On the other hand the 4 section unit folds to 3m for transport but has improved contour following ability in the field.

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1738022 4.5m 390kg 1.45m 2.5m 20
1738032 5.0m 440kg 1.70m 2.5m 25
1739042 6.0m 530kg 2.20m 3.0m 40
1739044 6.0m 520kg 2.20m 2.5m 40
1738043 6.4m 550kg 2.60m 3.0m 40


710kg 3.15m 2.8m 50
1738062 8.0m 740kg 3.25m 2.8m 55


9.0m - 12.4m Scissor-Folding Grass Harrows

9.0m - 12.4m Scissor-Folding Grass Harrows

The 9m, 10.5m, 12m and 12.4m uses a hydraulic scissor-folding mechanism to keep this wider range of machines to a transport width of or under 3m.

Grass Seeder for illustration purposes only and does not come as standard with the scissor-folding Grass Harrow. Please see our Grass Seeder page for more information.

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1738073 9.0m 1010kg 2.75m 2.8m 60
1738082 10.5m 1050kg 3.50m 2.8m 65
1738092 12.0m 1170kg 3.40m 3.0m 70
1738093 12.4m 1270kg 3.50m 3.0m 75


15m - 27m Semi-Mounted Grass Harrows

15m - 24m Semi-Mounted Grass Harrows

The 15m, 18m, 21m, 24m and the widest 27m uses a semi-mounted hydraulic scissor-folding system to keep the machines to a transport width of under 3m. 

Model No. Working Width Weight Transport Height Transport Width HP
1739022 15.0m 2800kg 2.40m 2.8m 130
1739032 18.0m 2990kg 2.40m 2.8m 150
1739035 21.0m 4020kg 2.40m 2.8m 170


24.0m 4250kg 2.40m 2.8m 180


27.0m 4650kg 2.40m 2.8m 200


Download the brochure here: OPICO Grass Harrow and Air Seeders (